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Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan This has been one of my most anticipated books of the fall ever since I first heard about it months back. Did it live up to my expectations? Yes, absolutely, completely.Kami is one of the wittiest, spunkiest protagonists I have ever read about. She's an unstoppable force, with a sharp sense of humor and fierce loyalty. In fact, fierce is the best word I can think of to describe her. The rest of the characters are all different shades of brilliant, as well. There's Angela, her antisocial, lazy, and snarky best friend and Holly, their gorgeous friend who is more than her appearance. Even her dad is great, and it's obvious Kami gets her sense of humor from him. Because of this, all of the dialogue is always quick as a whip- it reminded me of an Aaron Sorkin TV show, as in no one really talks like these characters, but you wish they did.Lastly, there's the most important character (other than Kami), Jared. Their relationship is everything I wanted it to be: a perfect mix of love, wariness, hurt, and guarded feelings. Jared is tortured and goes between protecting Kami and needing her protection. One of my favorite things about Jared is that he has a bad boy exterior, but is really a dork. It was really refreshing. Read the rest of the review at The Page Sage