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The Page Sage was started because I love reading and writing- it just seemed like the natural way to combine my two passions. It's where I discuss books I love and some I don't, as well as everything from book covers to feminist literature.

Every Day

Every Day - I've put off writing this review for the same reason I didn't review John Green's books for the longest time. You see, I don't have One Almighty Favorite Book. I have a few Favorite Books, such as Prisoner of Azkaban and Looking for Alaska. It is exceptionally rare that another book is added to this category, and yet, Every Day did it.I'm not sure when exactly I realized that this book was a Favorite Book. I started Every Day liking it, but not really thinking too much of it. Over the course of the story, I just found myself falling in love with this book. It was the combination of the simply gorgeous, heartbreaking prose and the way A's thoughts would speak to me in a way so few books can, and the amazing plot. A is one of the most incredible protagonists I have ever had the fortune to read about, and one of the most fascinating.Read the rest of the review at The Page Sage