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The Darlings Are Forever

The Darlings are Forever - Melissa Kantor The Page SageThe Darlings are Forever feels like a grown up version of The Beacon Street Girls (anyone else read those when they were younger?) and a slightly younger version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The friendship has so much heart and warmth. Each of the girls grow as their first year of high school progresses, and the problems that arise are realistic, if a little trite. Much of the plot line was predictable, but Darlings is perfect for anyone looking for a light, fun read.Kantor does a fantastic job creating true-to-life characters, supporting characters included! My favorite character is Nana, because while she may not be alive in the books, her life is interwoven with the Darlings. (And, I admit, she also reminds me a little of my own grandmother.) The setting of both books is New York City, which is always a plus in my book! And one last note: This book will make you crave a virgin pina coloda!Find more reviews at The Page Sage