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Underworld (Abandon Trilogy Series #2)

Underworld - Meg Cabot The Page SageI understand that Pierce has been through a lot lately. She's had a near-death experience, Furies are trying to kill her (and one of those Furies is her grandma), her parents divorced, and her relationship with John is complicated. But I couldn't help being so annoyed with her throughout Underworld. I realize that John is dreamy and super masculine, but that's no excuse for Pierce just following him around like a doting puppy. There are more than a few instances where John lies to her, and instead of getting angry, or demanding the truth, or standing up for herself, Pierce just lets it go. If Pierce and John are going to live in the Underworld together for the rest of eternity, she needs to make it clear that she has more say than him over the direction her life takes. I mean, just because John was born in the 19th century doesn't mean that this isn't the 21st century. Pierce shouldn't need John's permission to leave the Underworld or need to tell him when she's going to the bathroom.Don't get me wrong. I like Pierce. I liked her a lot in Abandon and she's definitely still caring and kind, with a certain snarky side. I just really hope she gets her chutzpah back in Awaken, the third book in the trilogy.That said, I did enjoy Underworld. John (despite some issues) is seriously attractive and I like the new characters that are introduced. (Henry, especially.) The plot was maybe a bit slow, but I liked where it went and the insight on John's past was interesting. And when it wasn't making the feminist in me shake her fist, I did enjoy the romance between John and Pierce. Naturally, my favorite part of the book is how everything relates to the original tale of Hades and Persephone- Meg Cabot really makes the story her own! The history of the setting really adds to this, and I love the descriptions of the Underworld and Isla Huesos. Not to mention, Meg Cabot's writing is so addictive- I tore through Underworld in under 24 hours!The ending is pretty intense- with a funny Kayla moment- and a cliffhanger! I really want to see how this all turns out!Find more reviews at The Page Sage