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Something Strange and Deadly

Something Strange and Deadly - The Page SageAt first, I wasn't sure if I liked Eleanor, but I think that's because she's more in society's grip in the beginning of the novel. About a quarter of the way in, I began to see that she's witty, strong, intelligent, and determined. Her devotion to finding her brother really endeared her to me, especially since I have a brother of my own.As for the romance, the description makes it sound a lot more important to the plot than it really is. (This is a good thing- I love when a book has a solid plot and the romance factor is just icing on the cake!) Dennard does a fantastic job of creating a realistic, well-paced relationship between Eleanor and Daniel, and I think the reader falls in love with him at the same speed Eleanor does.The mystery isn't too hard to figure out. It really only took me a hundred pages or so. However, there's enough intrigue around the motive to keep the story interesting, and enough action to keep the reader flipping the pages. The Dead are terrifying and gruesome, making for a really great tale of necromancy and zombies. And there is a twist that will surprise you.The setting of Philadelphia in 1876 is perfect, and I liked that the Exhibition is in the center of the action. It's a great combination of the supernatural and the scientific. The time period also gives Eleanor depth as she struggles to find freedom in an era that still looks down on women. Fans of Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle trilogy will love Eleanor in all of her feisty, feminist glory.Find More Reviews at The Page Sage