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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray The Page SageLibba Bray was already one of my favorite authors, but now she is my role model. She's easily one of the most intelligent, hilarious, *awesome* people ever, and this coolness is evident in Beauty Queens.I expected a book full of tongue-and-cheek satire, which I got. In fact, Beauty Queens is absolutely hysterical. I'd run to find someone to share a particularly funny passage with every few pages. Not to mention, the general Libba-craziness that ensues which is just fantastic! (:What I didn't expect was the depth. Bray tackles nearly every big issue teen girls have to face and if you don't come out of this novel feeling empowered, you obviously weren't reading the same book. And little things in the book that seem funny, but not too important, actually come back later in the plot.The characters are fantastic. They're all so diverse and well fleshed-out. I think John Green would approve- one of the main themes in his books is that people are more than their appearances, that they all have their own problems and aspirations. The cast of Beauty Queens is a perfect example of this.Everybody *everybody* should read this book. It will give you so much to think about, not to mention inspire you.Find more reviews at The Page Sage