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The Page Sage was started because I love reading and writing- it just seemed like the natural way to combine my two passions. It's where I discuss books I love and some I don't, as well as everything from book covers to feminist literature.


Graceling - Kristin Cashore The Page SageThis book is a perfect fantasy novel.Everything is fantastic- the world building, the Graces, the romance, the action... just everything. It had me completely immersed by the end of the first paragraph, and I just wanted to keep reading for hours. The characters are all so fleshed-out, and the politics within the kingdom so believable, and the idea of the Council utterly intriguing.Of course, I loved Katsa. She's powerful, independent, and gruff, and the growth she displays is natural and flawlessly done. As for Katsa and Po's relationship, I was enchanted by their friendship and their romance. It's uplifting and heartbreaking all at the same time. The things Graceling did to my emotions at times- I'd be smiling at one of Po's quips in one chapter and getting choked up the next.I just want more- not because there isn't enough to this story, far from it, but because it is so good that I need the next book pronto! (I'm exercising impressive self-control by not running out to the library or Barnes and Noble this instant).Find more reviews at The Page Sage