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Until I Die

Until I Die - Amy Plum The Page SageWhen I began reading, I was worried that my expectations would be too high, and I'd end up disliking this book. And even though Die for Me blew me away, I admit that I still had my worries that Kate would develop Bella-syndrome. (Sorry, Twihards.) I was gloriously wrong! Kate isn't boy-obsessed in the slightest, and she's training so she can defend herself, and she goes off in search for answers, and her relationship with Vincent is healthy!* I was glad, also, that the topic of sex is dealt with in a way that's mature and reasonable. Kudos to them!Until I Die has a lot more going on than Die for Me. The streets of Paris are a dangerous place to be, indeed. There's conflict between the Revenants and the Numa, impossible difficulties with Kate and Vincent's relationship, a legendary prophecy, and even issues with Kate's family. Which brings me to my next point:Kate's family. They're great. I love that they are involved in her life and that the reader gets to see how much they care for her. Georgia is as crazy and fun as always, but she's protective of her little sister, just as Kate is protective of her. They have each other's backs and it adds a layer of depth to the story.As for the ending, be prepared to have your heart shattered into a million pieces. It's a cliffhanger like none other and you will want the next book *right* away. Please, please, please, by some miracle, let it come out sooner than May 2013!*It's sad that that's something I'm happy about- it should just be a given that a female protagonist doesn't depend on men to fill a void in her life, unless of course that is what a story is about. But that's a post for another day.Find more reviews at The Page Sage