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Ugly to Start with

Ugly to Start With - John Michael Cummings The Page SageIn all honesty, this probably wasn't the book for me, but I figured I'd give it a go. Unfortunately, my gut was right and I just could not get into these stories.The writing is plain and a little coarse, although I did like the first short story of the collection. The problems the main character faces are certainly sympathetic, but I just wasn't invested enough in him to truly care about his troubles. And issues that I suppose are meant to be underlying and subtle are not. Everything is just laid out on the table. I did like the protagonist enough to enjoy how he progressed from one part of his life to the next, I will say that, but mostly with this book, I was bored. Plenty of topics are tackled in Ugly to Start With some of which could have been dealt with a bit better, perhaps. Honestly, I can't see many teens enjoying this type of book, although people who grew up in this time period may appreciate it more.*1.5 stars*Find more reviews at The Page Sage