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A Want So Wicked

A Want So Wicked - Suzanne Young The Page SageI wasn't overwhelmed by A Need So Beautiful, so I expected to enjoy, but not love, A Want So Wicked. However, this book really grabbed me. There's so much more here, as Elise tries to make sense of who she is and was, than there was in the first book. I dreaded a love triangle, but don't worry, there isn't one! Instead, there's a really interesting, unique plot line with Abe.Some of the characters I liked from the first book return, including Monroe, Onika (while I didn't like her, I feel she's the best kind of antagonist- the reader feels sympathy towards her), and of course, Harlin. I was kind of apathetic towards him in A Need So Beautiful (possibly because his and Charlotte's relationship had already been established prior to the start of the novel), but I fell head over heels with him in this. I could go back and read the scenes with him ten more times and still swoon.What Young does best is break hearts. (And I mean that in the best way possible.) A Want So Wicked is so poignant and gripping, and may even make you break out a box of tissues. With A Need So Beautiful I was uncertain if I wanted to continue with the series, but with A Want So Wicked I'm hoping and wishing that there will be a third book.Find more reviews at The Page Sage