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Wicked Jealous

Wicked Jealous - Robin Palmer The Page SageYou know when you watch one of those makeover specials (everybody has seen at least one) and it's upbeat and kind of inspiring? Well, put in the feeling of those shows, plus wit, heart, depth, and superb character growth, and you'll have Wicked Jealous. Simone's transformation from the Weird Fat Girl to simply being herself is definitely inspiring, while remaining realistic. She still feels insecure, and the rest of her problems just don't disappear along with her extra pounds. Fortunately, Simone has a great support system among the rest of the cast. The moms in the Zumba Brigade are utterly hysterical, with some of the best lines in the book, and her roommates are such a diverse, funny bunch! I have to say that I loved Simone's adoration for all things French. (I've mentioned my own affinity for French things before sur le blog.) And on an even more personal note, this book and Graceling inspired me to chop all of my hair off. (More than ten inches!!!) What I really liked about Simone's transformation was that it wasn't about looking like a model, or a stick-thin celebrity, but looking like herself. And I have to comment on Robin Palmer's writing. I realized within the first page of Cindy Ella when I read it three/four years ago that she has a very absorbing writing style. I flew through Wicked Jealous, just like I have done with all of her books. They're really just fun and great- it's awesome to see fairy tales retold with strong young women in place of damsels-in-distress. I can't wait for her next book to come out!Find more reviews at The Page Sage