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There is No Dog

There is No Dog - Meg Rosoff The Page SageThere is No Dog is a contemplative novel with a deeper meaning carefully hidden by a very entertaining story. It's a quick read- hilarious, touching, and surprising.The cast, an equal assortment of lovable, pitiful, irritating, and hilarious characters, are perfectly written. Rosoff has a way of taking human behavior and translating it perfectly into print. Each character, even one who may seem insignificant, is realistic and three-dimensional. Bob, despite being selfish and insolent, is sympathetic. Mr. B, although overworked and tired, still holds on to a little hope. And Eck, while being a mistreated pet penguin-thing, is still seriously adorable.Reading about Bob creating and "running" the world is incredibly amusing. Even life among gods isn't simple, and the politics and rivalries up there will make you smile. Rosoff's creativity with how things work (such as how Bob leaving the bathwater running causes flooding) is ingenious.I'd definitely advise picking up a copy!Find more reviews at The Page Sage