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The Page Sage was started because I love reading and writing- it just seemed like the natural way to combine my two passions. It's where I discuss books I love and some I don't, as well as everything from book covers to feminist literature.

The Darlings in Love

The Darlings in Love - Melissa Kantor The Page SageWon from First ReadsThe Darlings in Love flawlessly continues the Darlings' first adventures of high school, but now there's even more boy drama! Jane, out of all the girls, really came into her own in this one and I found that she was really easy to relate to. (And as for her boy dilemma, I just wanted to tell her it's okay, I've been there!) All of the Darlings make mistakes, but they all end up learning from them in a way that isn't too adolescent.You can find a more in depth review (and a review of The Darlings are Forever here.