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The Page Sage was started because I love reading and writing- it just seemed like the natural way to combine my two passions. It's where I discuss books I love and some I don't, as well as everything from book covers to feminist literature.


Flip - Martyn Bedford The Page SageThe body-switching plot has been used in YA countless times, but Flip is so unique that it stands out from all the rest. There's just the right amount of suspense and the plot moves along well. Overall, Flip is a really great read.Alex made for a fantastic narrator- I really like when YA protagonists are male for some reason, and I know some other book bloggers have said the same. Even through his more troubling times, he has a very admirable sense of self and a great sense of humor. I have to say, though, for a fourteen-year-old, Alex is really mature. I know some guys years older than Alex who aren't that mature!All of the other characters are just as well done. Teri (Flip's sister) is delightfully sarcastic and Cherry is smart, musical, and kind. Rob is definitely the most interesting character because he's the most messed up. As another PE (psyche evacuee) he's gone through a lot, and he's not as flippant as he wants to appear.Flip is easy to read, but while it may seem like a fairly simple story on the surface, there are a lot of underlying themes going on. It gives the novel such depth and will leave you thinking long after you reach the back cover.*4.5 stars*The Page Sage