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Obsidian (Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout The Page SageThere was *a lot* of hype about this one, so I tried to go into it with a healthy dose of skepticism and reasonable expectations. While I definitely liked this and will be continuing with the series, I was still a bit disappointed. (Despite my best efforts, my expectations werepretty high.)To start this review off on a positive note, though, Kate is a book blogger, which is pretty awesome. It was definitely a little freaky (in a cool way!) having her mentioning "Waiting on Wednesday" and "In My Mailbox" posts, and it made for a very easy way to relate with her. As far as protagonists go, she has some good sarcastic moments.There's one scene in particular where she's very assertive and strong and I couldn't help but cheer for her.As far as sexual tension goes, well, bring a fan, because this book is hot. The chemistry between Kate and Daemon felt somewhat forced in the beginning, but somewhere in the middle of the novel it becomes significantly more natural. I can definitely see what the big deal about Daemon is in certain parts of Obsidian. There are some scenes that are touching and some that are simply steamy!HOWEVER.When I was first starting the book I had a moment where I paused and just thought, "Hmm... new girl moves to a small town in the middle of nowhere and meets a gorgeous guy who seems to hate her for no reason although she can't get him out of her mind and he obviously has something paranormal going on... I've read this before. And I didn't like it." (Apparently, I think in run-on sentences.) And yes, the basic plot line does resemble the book-that-shalt-not-be-named, with a few key differences. One, Kate is not a one-dimensional protagonist. Two, despite what the official book jacket description implies, the story doesn't focus entirely on their relationship, or lack there-of. Kate does try not to be infatuated with Daemon as she recognizes that he is ridiculously rude and arrogant... yet she still comments on how good-looking he is all the time. (I don't need constant descriptions. I know his eyes are green.) And, at least for me, if a guy lacks manners and/or is just generally rude, that makes him a lot less attractive, no matter how toned his abs are.Kate can be irritating at times, although I liked her overall. But for a good student, she just makes these occasionally idiotic decisions, or non-decisions, that just indicate a lack of common sense. (For example: Walking onto a highway without looking to see if, you know, a car is coming. This is another scene very similar to that book.) And I'm not sure if I'm supportive of her and Daemon ever getting together. There's a softer side to him, which I like and wish there was more of, but most of the time, he just needs to get slapped across the face. Not swooned over.Despite all this, Armentrout has a very addicting writing style. There's the pull of future confrontation with the Lux's enemies and other complications that make me want to read Onyx, but Armentrout's writing may have been enough anyways. Plus, it's a series about aliens, which I think is pretty awesome. (I'm a Doctor Who fan- what else would you expect?) The world-building is very well-done in that sense, and I look forward to getting more insight into the Lux!Find more reviews at The Page Sage