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The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Series #2)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa The Page SageIn my review of The Iron King, I raved about the world-building, and that still stands true in The Iron Daughter. The world of the Nevernever is so darkly magical and inventive, with fascinating characters and creatures. Everything from the frigid Unseelie court to the Between is breathtakingly imaginative. Kagawa has created a setting that is dangerously enchanting that I'd love to return to... but I may not.Why? Well, the one complaint I had in The Iron King was Ash. He's tall, dark, and handsome, yes, but he's a walking cliche. It was instalove, he had no true depth as a character, and it both irked and bored me. So no, I wasn't thrilled that the focus of this book is on him. I don't understand the point of the love triangle either. (There's Puck, who she's known forever, who is funny and loyal and trustworthy, and then there's Ash, who's still mourning his dead girlfriend.... and well, that's really the extent of his character.) And honestly, I don't like love triangles, except for the *very* rare exception. They're useless conflicts that don't add to the story.As for the rest of the plot, which I felt was overshadowed by the accursed love triangle, it was decent. A bit predictable, perhaps, but with plenty of action. Meaghan is still pretty fierce and her loyalty to her family is admirable. I just didn't connect with her the same way I did in the first book, especially when she indulges in some petty drama.Despite this, I did love the development with Iron Horse. He quickly became one of my favorite characters. (Yes, he was kind of, well, murderous in The Iron King, but in this book he is more like a teddy bear of steel.) Grim is still wonderfully snarky, too. I can't get enough of that cat!Overall, it's not as if I hated The Iron Daughter, by any means. I just wish that there had been a greater focus on the main plot than on Meaghan's unnecessarily twisted love life.*2.5 stars*More reviews at The Page Sage